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Concerts à venir

  • Samedi 27 Octobre 2018, 20h : Musique Noise & Eskaton à L’Ogresse, 4 rue des prairies, 75020 Paris. Réservation conseillée par e-mail (lien Contact à gauche). Ouverture à 18h. Il est conseillé de dîner sur place à partir de 19h.

Concerts passés

  • Samedi 28 Octobre 2017 : ERGH, Musique Noise, Eskaton à Esches, Les Méliades. Hommage à Cornélia 2.
  • Samedi 25 Mars 2017 : ERGH, Musique Noise, Eskaton au Koto. Hommage à Cornélia 1.
  • 14 octobre 2011 : Maison de Quartier du Landy, St Ouen
  • 30 avril 2011 : Konfituur @ Koto
  • 18 décembre 2010 : Konfituur @ Koto

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Musique Noise à l’Excalibur, Paris 1987
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Musique Noise aux studios Luna Rossa, Paris 1988
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Musique Noise sur la toile, 1989
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Musique Noise au Caf’ Conc’, Paris 1994

Musique Noise : Fulmines Integralis (Aural Innovations #23 - avril 2003) (2003)

Musique Noise are a French ensemble whose music is influenced in equal parts by Magma inspired Zheul, jazz fusion and progressive rock. Fulmines Integralis is a reissue of the bands 1988 release on Musea entitled Fulmines Regularis, plus 4 tracks recorded in 1992 for a never released second album.

Much of the bands music has a cool jazz sound, but also a more progressive edge that reminded me of Soft Machine, Gong, and perhaps even In The Wake Of Poseiden era King Crimson. However, the near operatic chanting vocals of Isabelle Bruston, Cornelia Schmid and Jean-Philippe Gallet inject a power and majesty into the music that reveals the bands Magma influences, and indeed there are several tracks that see the band traveling more overtly into Magma territory. The intensity level is high and the music exciting as Musique Noise keep the listener on seats edge with their continual shifts through multiple themes. The band alternates between fiery and calmer sections, though even the slower sections function as fervent buildups. "L’etroit Huit" is a standout track being a killer mixture of Magma and Gong, perhaps even some Nektar circa Recycled but with a heavier progressive rock keyboard presence. "Ragnarok" is an excellent piece of prog-fusion, and dig that electric piano ! Overall, Musique Noise are a band that excel at fire, passion and well thought out complexity. Recommended to fans of all things Zheul who aren’t looking for a mere clone of Magma.

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

Musique Noise : Fulmines Integralis (Aural Innovations #23 - avril 2003)

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