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  • Samedi 27 Octobre 2018, 20h : Musique Noise & Eskaton à L’Ogresse, 4 rue des prairies, 75020 Paris. Réservation conseillée par e-mail (lien Contact à gauche). Ouverture à 18h. Il est conseillé de dîner sur place à partir de 19h.

Concerts passés

  • Samedi 28 Octobre 2017 : ERGH, Musique Noise, Eskaton à Esches, Les Méliades. Hommage à Cornélia 2.
  • Samedi 25 Mars 2017 : ERGH, Musique Noise, Eskaton au Koto. Hommage à Cornélia 1.
  • 14 octobre 2011 : Maison de Quartier du Landy, St Ouen
  • 30 avril 2011 : Konfituur @ Koto
  • 18 décembre 2010 : Konfituur @ Koto

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Musique Noise à l’Excalibur, Paris 1987
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Musique Noise aux studios Luna Rossa, Paris 1988
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Musique Noise sur la toile, 1989
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Musique Noise au Caf’ Conc’, Paris 1994

Musique Noise - Fulmines Integralis (Music Dish - janvier 2003 & ProgressiveWorld - février 2003) (2003)

I am not quite sure what to say or feel about this CD. Musique Noise is very original and Fulmines Integralis is one of the most different progressive albums I have ever heard. There are essentials of jazz, rock, classical, opera, and some very strange French gibberish going on, if you can think of it, they do it, anything and everything goes with this group. I have to warn all of you that like to experiment with certain drugs that cause you to hallucinate, do not listen to this while under that influence ; you may find yourself in a very strange space when you come down. Hell, I do not even do drugs and I felt weird when this CD ended.

Besides all of the musical avante garde insanity that this band creates, there are many marvelous musical moments during the course of this recording, although I found it extremely difficult pulling it all apart to understand it and when it was over I felt agitated. The last song Pzkr ! just pushed me over the edge. Honestly, there is some good music and this group has some very talented musicians in it, however I do not think that I will ever listen to this again, it was too bizarre for me. I loathe opera ; if that ingredient was not present, I would be fine. That one aspect really irritated me.

by Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck

Musique Noise - Fulmines Integralis (Music Dish - janvier 2003 & ProgressiveWorld - février 2003)

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